Where To Report Incidents of Sexual Misconduct

Reports of sexual misconduct are generally one of two types:

A person who believes they’ve experienced sexual misconduct (a “complainant”) or

A person who has information that sexual misconduct may have been committed by a university student, employee or a participant in a university program (a “reporter”).

All incidents should immediately be reported to the Wayne State Police at 313-577-2222.

All incidents should also be reported to the Title IX Coordinator (Linda M. Galante, Associate General Counsel is the Interim Title IX Coordinator) at 313-577-2268 or to the Title IX Deputy Coordinator (who is also the Dean of Students) at 313-577-1010 or at ak3096@wayne.edu.  An incident may also be reported to the Dean of Students at http://doso.wayne.edu/student-care-report.html.

To report an incident against non-students (faculty, staff member or third party), you may also contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at (313) 577-2280.