Our Services

The Office Of General Counsel:

  • Represents the University in litigation and administrative proceedings;
  • Provides legal and policy advice to the Board, the President, administrators and others;
  • Drafts and interprets policies;
  • Negotiates complex contracts on behalf of the University and reviews other contracts for legal and University requirements;
  • Represents the University in property transactions;
  • Supports the Office of the Provost in its dealings with academic unions;
  • Secures patents and supports the commercialization of inventions made by University faculty;
  • Assists in the development of intellectual property policy and agreements;
  • Secures appropriate visa status for non-resident faculty;
  • Provides guidance and representation in complex personnel matters;
  • Reviews and drafts endowments and other gift agreements;
  • Assists the University in adjusting to new laws, regulations and judicial decisions;
  • Provides close support to the University's Police Department; 
  • Works closely with the Office of Internal Audit, the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Office of Risk Managment and others in compliance-related matters;
  • Implements preventative law measures;
  • Coordinates interdisciplinary projects that cross traditional lines of authority;
  • Provides legal support to the Wayne State University Foundation;
  • Provides legal support to TechTown, Wayne State University's Research and Technology Park;
  • Participates in University committees and in the Michigan University Self-Insurance Consortium, our primary insurance company;
  • Serves as a resource for informed decision-making and creative problem-solving within the University.

The OGC tries to have an attorney available nearly every day to receive urgent calls.  We encourage you to contact us whenever you believe you have a problem involving the University that may benefit from legal advice.

Legal concerns often have their own momentum.  While most legal problems are readily addressed, any problem that leads someone to call a lawyer is important to that person.  Delay can turn a modest issue into a much more serious matter.  Ordinarily matters requiring legal advice or legal action relating to University business should be referred to the OGC through the appropriate university administrator, such as a director, dean, department chair or vice president.  We do not stand on ceremony if something requires urgent attention.  The OGC is not authorized to render personal legal advice to University employees or students.


-- updated April, 2011