Patent & Copyright Issues

The basic mission of Wayne State University research is the pursuit and utilization of knowledge, including the discovery of new ideas and information, and the application of knowledge to fundamental areas of social concern. In particular, University research has served as a critical source of new scientific, technological and social ideas and concepts which underlie major advances in industry and the quality of life. The constant flow of University-generated research ideas to new uses in industry and society is an essential requirement for economic growth and social well being.

Wayne State University has established a Patent and Copyright Policy, which is contained in the Wayne State University Statute 2.41.04. This policy can be accessed at

For a straightforward, easy-to-use reference on copyright issues relating to teaching, the Association of Research Libraries has an excellent brochure available at:

The University Libraries website has helpful information for faculty authors who would like to negotiate with publishers to retain certain rights to their works:

The University Libraries website has information related to copyright and the distribution of materials for teaching and learning,

-- updated July, 2013