Worker's Compensation

All University employees are covered by the Michigan Workers’ Disability Compensation Act, which provides for medical and wage loss payments when an injury or illness arises out of, and in the course of, employment.  For full details in this regard, see APPM 10.2.9.

The University reserves the right to determine liability for alleged occupational injuries and illnesses.  Liability is determined following completion of a Report of Injury, Form 727, an evaluation by the Occupational Health Service Clinic (OHS) at Detroit Receiving Hospital, the Campus Health Center and receipt of any medical reports.

WSU’s workers’ compensation program is administered by the Office of Risk Management.  Full details regarding what an employee should do if injured while on the job, what medical services are covered, what wage-loss benefits apply, how wage-loss benefits are calculated, and other procedural questions, go to Risk Management's website.


-- updated April, 2011